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This is the site where you can find latest quality products for your boats. As a bonus to the items you purchase, we can give you the best advise on installing and usage of those items. If you need, we can install them for you. Please send us any enquiry about your needs by going to "About Us" section and filling out the form or simply sending an email to us.


We are constantly updating our products and prices, and adding new parts as they entered to the market.

Please select the proper category for your needs from the drop down menu as we have following categories:


Lighting: Led interior and exterior lights, navigation lights, work lights, strip lights etc.

Entertainment: Audio/Video sytems and accessories, speakers, antennas etc.

Power, Switches and Switchboards: Batteries, chargers, inverters, battery management accessories, etc.

Communication and Electronics: VHF radios, 27Mhz radios, handheld waterproof VHF sets, antennas etc.

Tools, Maintenance and Fittings: Various tools and accessories which make your life easy onboard.


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